Location Overview

Nowadays the segment of software development is one of the most quick-growing sectors of Ukrainian economy. This sector demonstrates high rates of possible growth as well as substantial export potential.

Last three years the segment has shown the growth in 25% that can be increased to 40% annually if the quality and quantity of training of IT-specialists and the level of marginality of services in the field of software development expands. Ukraine is fourth in the world in the number of certified IT-specialists (after USA, India, Russia). Besides, our country is in TOP-30 among the best locations for transferring of orders on software development, which indicates the potential for segment’s growth. Monthly this industry swallow up nearly one thousand of people.

Development is concentrated is five Ukrainian cities: Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Dnepr, Odessa. 86% of IT-specialists work in these cities

In Ukraine we can notice the surge in demand on various kinds of software development/programming courses and QA. No wonder, that in result we have much more response from Juniors and freshmen who are looking for their first place of work in IT. Now, in average, we have 6 candidates on one vacancy. But allocation is highly unequal – there are 4-5 CVs on vacancies for Middles and Seniors, on vacancies for Juniors, QA and PM – over 20.


Odessa – one of the largest cities in Ukraine, it is also the center of international businesses concentration, of IT-sector as well. The city has exponents of different IT-areas: business incubator, successful start-ups, big IT- companies, co-working places and specialized educational institutions. There are nearly 1 million of citizens in Odessa and nowadays six thousands are IT-workers.

Perspectives of Odessa as IT-region:

Pursuant to different rating assessments of the development of IT-industry, Odessa is on the fifth place in Ukraine. Complementary to human and “brain” resources our advantage is our climate. This provides an opportunity to involve specialists from other regions – Nikolaev, Kharkov, Kiev, Kherson, Kishinev etc. The advantageous location of Odessa gives the opportunity to cooperate with such locations as Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria etc.

The connection with technical high schools and IT-companies become stronger; more and more companies establish interaction with high schools and get to know future specialists earlier. That is why everyone, who loves IT-industry, studied good, had an active interest in their field of specialization and in general and who has the potential - welcome guests in IT-companies of Odessa.

They visit different courses of foreign languages, events and conferences relating to IT more and more often. Outsources from Odessa have been and remains as a driving force of development of the region not only because of the ongoing employment of Juniors but also because they always hold and sponsor meetings and conferences of professionals: during the last year the amount of such events grew up in several times. But also the segment of ready products has developed and set a tone of qualification level of developers in Odessa.


IT-specialists can be taught in five high-schools in the city:

  • Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University (Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics);

  • Odessa National Polytechnic University (Institute of Computer Systems; Information Security Institute of Radio Electronics and Telecommunications);

  • Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications named after O.S. Popov (Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Logistic, Institute of infocommunication and software engineering);

  • Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (Institute of cold, cryotechnologies and environmental energy, Institute of mechanics, automation and robotics);

  • Odessa State Environmental University (Faculty of Computer Science)

We also have IT-Academy “Step” (“Shag”) that trains programmers, system administrators and designers.

Major IT-courses in Odessa are:

  • Fabrika (Java, web, QA, QA automation);

  • Hillel International (Java, iOS, Android, Front-end, C++, UI-design, QA, QA automation, SMM, project management);

  • The school of professional programming (Web-design, Java)

  • Lits IT School (programming, QA, BDA, PM, UI/UX, HR).