Recruiting Services

If you are here than you are thinking about recruiting some staff from abroad. Besides other services in development on outsourcing bases we can also offer you to employ specialists that will work on your project exactly with you and in your location. 
You may think why should this be interesting for you? The answer is that by employing a specialist from Ukraine you already receive 40% of the project! Other 60% is all job on the project, of course. 

Ukrainian people are very faithful to what they love and what they can do well. So far, IT specialist are one of the most hard-working people. Of course, we can’t insist on this and implement to everyone but exactly such professional, devoted to their job and honest people are those IT-boys and girls that we are working with. 

In Ukraine there are numerous universities where young people study computer sciences and different courses by International IT companies where they can upgrade skills.  

All mentioned above are those 40 % from your project! A professional who is not only know what to do but also know how and want this. 

We are the company that respects the quality in all aspects - that is why the stuff we are recruiting for you is only motivated, reliable, professional people. Need to outline that whether you need software professionals with specialized domain knowledge or a team with varied IT skills – we match your business requirements with our most appropriate expert staff.